2019.09.11 NHK WORLD JAPAN “SIDE BY SIDE”「 世界を目指せ! 視覚障害者アスリートを育成支援 ~ラオス」

世界を目指せ! 視覚障害者アスリートを育成支援 ~ラオス
Reach for the Stars! Supporting Blind Athletes’ Training in Laos



A Global Stage! Training for Blind Athletes in Laos
Blind Athletes in Laos: Support and Training to Reach New Heights
Japanese NPO Asian Development with the Disabled Persons (ADDP) uses sport to encourage social integration and independence among disabled people in Laos. Member Hiroyuki Hane trains candidates for Laos’ paralympic team.
The team are all visually impaired and hope to represent their country as short-distance runners in international competition. Laos has no history of disabled sport so Hane, whose left arm is disabled, is sharing all his knowledge of track athletics in the hopes of establishing an independent, nationwide interest. This summer the paralympic team will take part in a track and field contest in Osaka. How will Hane’s trainees do?
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A Japanese NPO in Laos uses sport to reintegrate disabled people into society. Hiroyuki Hane trains blind runners to become paralympic athletes. This summer the Laos track team will compete in Osaka.